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Captain D's Fishing Report 2010




June 27, 2010

     Well back at it again with a few new faces onboard.  Today Rich had Mike Rose (fisheye) and two of his friends - Rich Palmissino, Sean DeStasi along with Rudy.  I donít always like to run back to the same spot mako fishing, but with us releasing one, catching one, and seeing another in the slick it only seemed necessary.   We knew we would have some people watching our course and playing tag so I ran off course for quite sometime before heading on our correct path.

     Was another great day with good conditions and hoped we would have some action again.  I think we had our first mako within one hour of fishing.  Yeah it was quick and could only ponder on what the day had in store for us.  Mike Rose fought this mako that looked to be about 125 llbs and did a great job on the rod.  Rudy did the honors of the release and off she went.  The rest of the day was a little crazy.  We caught the same brown shark three times, giving all on the boat a chance to fight something.  Another very small mako was caught and released by the crew.

     Well it was coming near the end of the day and we had only heard of one other mako caught that may give us a run for our money, but I stayed confident as well did Rudy.  I told the crew we only had about five more minutes to fish and we would have to call it a day due to the time limits of the tournaments.  Wouldnít you know it Mr. Mako came out of nowhere and screamed the far bait.  Sean got to do battle with this one as we prepared the cockpit for landing another mako.  Sure enough this fish was large, not as big as yesterdays but was good enough for another position.  In no time we had this fish banged, gaffed, and tailed.

     Wow, we had another fish that would place, measurements showed the shark to be in the 230 lb class.  That was great however we had to be in the Inlet by 7 pm or we wouldnít be able to weigh the shark.  Underway the GPS showed us hitting the inlet at 7:06 pm.  It was a nail biter the entire ride in.  We did manage to make up some time and get in the inlet by 6:46pm.  We called the weigh masters of both tournaments and told them we would be coming to the scales yet again with another mako.

     The mako weighed in at 236 lbs and placed us in 5th in Mako Mania and 4th in Mako Fever.  This was the first time in the 25 years of these tournaments that one boat weighed in two qualifying makos and took two places.  Oh by the way we won both tournaments!


June 26, 2010

     Where to go, where to go?  Well based on yesterdays info and knowing it was going to be crowded out here today and tomorrow I wanted to fish somewhere by ourselves if possible.  Punched the course into the GPS, put her on autopilot and hoped for good things.  Prior to our arrival I started getting a good feeling and was very confident we would see some mako action today.

     Todayís crew: Rich, Doug( the Marathon Man), Rudy, and my brother Max.  The water quality was very nice, the only thing that bothered me a little was I didnít see too much bait.  With the lines out and a great chum slick going all we could do now is wait.  Well it wasnít long, I believe somewhere around 10:30 we had our first bite.  The hit was good and smoked some line before Rudy set the hook on yes a mako.  Rich fought this one to the boat, where we released her.  Looked to be about 100 lbs.  A sigh of relief was in the air as we felt even better about this spot and better yet no blue sharks.

     It was only an hour later when I spotted a 200 lb mako come cruising into the slick and right up to the boat.  From the bridge I had a good angle on this shark, as Rudy tried numerous times to bait the mako on the short flat line.  We tried different tactics to get this sucker to bite, when all of a sudden the far line in the slick go piled on.  Max happened to be right there and set the hook.  We fish a lot of drag at strike to determine right off the bat if the fish has any weight.  When a shark can take this kind of heat in the first minute and continue to take drag we know right away what size shark we are dealing with.

     This one was taking it and the rod was lapped over hard.  We fired up the motors cleared the rods and got a belt on Max who was going to work.   As we were doing battle the 200 lb mako we were originally trying to hook was following the boat.  Rudy continued to try and get this one to bite but wouldnít take it and I said lets not get greedy and try and get this one.  In fifteen minutes Max had the mako within eyesight and she was big.  It made two passes behind the transom before I could leader the shark to Rudy, who was patiently waiting with the bang stick.  Rudy hit the mako two times and the bang stick never went off.  This wasnít good and was getting worried we may lose this shark.  Finally on the third try the bang stick went off subduing the massive shark.  We got the gaffs in her and Rudy banged her one more time directly in the head sealing the deal.  Once tail roped high fives were flying through out the cockpit.  We knew for sure we had a fish that would place very well in both tournaments.

     We squared away the cockpit and prepared to drag the mako through the door.  Once in the boat we took some measurements that gave us an estimate on the weight.  Looked to be somewhere in the 280 pound class.  The ride in was full of anxiety and happiness.  As we waited in line for the weigh in station Rudy and I sized up the leader board and the other sharks getting weighed.  Looked like we had a great chance at taking the lead for 1st.

As the shark was hoisted up out of the boat the crowd that had gathered for weigh ins sighed in amazement of how large our shark was.  The weight was in and as we waited to hear the numbers.  301 lb mako for the Big Boy was yelled out.  After a few photos and a couple of interviews we were on our way with big smiles, from Mako Mania.

     We also had to weigh the fish over at Mako Fever, where it topped the scales at 299 pounds.  It would take the leader board there as well.


June 25, 2010

     Since its Friday and we are fishing day one of the first tournament I like to use this day as a prospecting day.  This means I would go fish an area that has some interest to me and most definitely only come back if we caught some thing or had very good signs this would yield a tournament placing shark. 

    Off we went 54 some miles to the east, northeast.  Onboard were Rich, Chuck and his son Aris, our good friend Capt. Frankie, and Rudy.  Iím still waiting to catch a big mako out in this area of the Rockpiles and Virginia Wreck, hopefully today is the day.  Upon arriving to the grounds we saw plenty of bird life, bait, and some bluefin tuna in the area, all good signs for a nice mako.  The only thing we didnít like was the water color, it was a little green with only fifteen to maybe twenty feet of visibility and a balmy 73 degrees.

     Set up on the drift and got the slick going and the rods out.  A few hours passed before we had our first bite.  It was a blue shark, just what we didnít want to see.  We released that one only to get another one on a little while later.  Oh joy, these sharks can be of such nuisance.  By the middle of the we had five blue sharks swimming around the transom and attacking the chum bucket, and had about ten releases.  I definitely had a feeling Mr. Mako was not going to show up, as we now couldnít even get a bait back in the water.

     Have to say we left a little early to come in, something we never do on the Big Boy.  Well at least now I know where not to go tomorrow, besides who wants to catch a winning shark on Fri., I rather do it Sat., or Sun., and win both tournaments.


June 25 - June 27, 2010

      Yes thatís right itís that time of year again.  Time for the Mako Mania and Mako Fever Shark Tournaments.   Ok let me try and explain this, the Mako Fever Tournament is held by Jersey Coast Shark Anglers Club out of Crystal Point Marina in Pt. Pleasant.  You can fish any of the three days Fri, Sat, and or Sunday.   We fished all three.

     Mako Mania is held by Crystal Point Marina also in Pt. Pleasant.   This is a two day tournament and can fish any one or both of the days Sat. and Sun.  These two tournaments are held religiously on the same weekend of each other every year.  So we fished both days in this one.  The weather and sea conditions for both days looks as if itís to be very comfortable.


June 19, 2010

 Last minute trip, nothing wrong with that.  Had Rich, Mike White and Max out looking to top our last trip.  Somehow we ended up in the same area we left off maybe just a mile or so to the east.  Anyway we had the spoons out and had a livewell full of bunkers at the ready.  Wasnít much chatter on the radio, sounded pretty quite all around.  Talked to some captains fishing way up to the north, they reported it to be slow as well.  We did mark some schools of bass on the machine but no takers.  Continued to work the area and finally got the rod to lap over, and lap over it did.  It took Max and Rich both to get the rod out of the outrodder .  I saw the bite and the way the rod bent and the amount of wire come off the spool and knew something wasnít right. 

     We were into the backing in no time and had to start backing down.  I was thinking we either had a fifty plus pound bass foul hooked in the side or we had a Thresher shark.   After three minutes of getting nowhere it was apparent that this would indeed be a Thresher.  Sure enough we finally saw its tail up on the surface slicing through the water and soon realized we had two other problems.  First we were fighting this shark on a bass rod and second we only had a net onboard.  

     Rich fought the shark for a good twenty minutes with a tender hip.  Rich had hip surgery over the winter and was suppose to be taking it easy.  Mike  jumped on and fought the fish for another ten minutes, before Max put fifteen in on him as well , before we finally got to get a few good looks at this Thresher.  During the battle I remembered we had the harpoons still on the boat from tuna fishing and managed to rig one up.  The fish was hooked in the tail, making life difficult for all of us.  I put Rich on the controls in the cockpit, Max had to put the rod in the holder as I handed him the leader and leader the shark up so I could put the dart in him. 

     Job well done, we stuck the fish and got a few tail ropes on him, then dragged and bled the shark out before pulling him in the boat.   I stopped the boat so we could regroup, get a drink and some food.  Well at least thatís what Rich and I did.  No lie five minutes later Rich is telling me, as I Ďm making a sandwich that Max was in the cockpit yelling he had a fish on.  I figured... what's the big deal heís got a bass on a live bunker, well by the way he was carrying on something wasnít right.

      So Rich and I go out onto the deck and heís trying to tell us he has another Thresher on and swears its twice as big as the one we just caught.  As Max is getting spooled on his live lining rod heís telling us how we missed the shark skyrocket some ten feet out of the water.  So back on the controls I go and we are at battle once again with the wrong specie of the day.  With this even lighter fishing gear I told Max this probably wonít last long, and within minutes the estimated 300 lb thresher won this show down.  Total bass for the day zero.  Thresher fishing for the day 1 for 2.  Scales tipped out at 175 lb, not bad on bass tackle.


June 15, 2010

      Well we had a late departure today and the weather was sunny and flat calm conditions.  I had a feeling right from the start that the fishing wasnít going to be all that great, its just a feeling, it happens a lot.  We had Rich, Gustavo, and his 3 boys - Kevin, Eric, and Jessie in from Texas.  We also had my brother Max filling in for Rudy today.  After some frustrating throws with the net we finally got it plugged with bunkers and headed off up the coast towards Asbury Park.  We threw the trolling gear out around Shark River Inlet and worked east and north.  The bunker boats were out having a field day netting pod after pod.  

     The day slowly dragged on as we trolled around some pods of bunker that appeared to be nervous.  No such luck, no actually I think we had a bite and yes you guessed it the hook didnít stay in.  Max and I were up on the bridge trying to come up with some ideas when we spotted some white water a few hundred yards up in front of the boat.  At first we couldnít make it out, I thought maybe it was a Thresher shark.  Then all hell broke loose the water erupted with bass exploding on bunker.  I yelled down to the cockpit to reel in the spoons so I could get us up on the blitz.

     As we pulled up I instructed Max to throw a bunch of live bunker out behind the boat with no hooks in them to draw the bass in close and Rich to be ready with the surface popper.   Well it worked Rich was on in no time, Max and I put live bait on the other rods and had fish instantly off the transom.  For the next fifteen minutes it was all mayhem in the cockpit.  We were netting fish, throwing more freebies out, rigging hooks, and watching a breath taking surface bite all within twenty feet of the boat.

     As fast as it started, it ended.  The crew put eight fish in the boat going  24, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 36, and a 40 lb fish.  Yeah some feeling I had prior to todayís trip go figure.  This was the best trip so far for the year!


June 12, 2010

     Fished up to the north on Saturday off Asbury and had a very slow day.  Rudy and I netted some live bait in the morning hoping that would be a good back up just in case however it wasnít much help.  I think we went 0 for 3 on the troll and bait fishing altogether.  Rich reminded us how nice It was just to be out fishing and said ď what are you going to do about itĒ. 


June 9, 2010

Got the call from Rich who had a few hours to kill and wanted to look for some bass.  I sure didnít have a problem with that so we jumped in the Regulator and headed out.  As we were approaching the inlet I got a call from another captain who told me the fishing up to the north was good at the rocks.  So with out hesitation we put the hammer down and set the course.  As we were passing an area known as the Church it looked very fishy and I had to look it over.  There were gannets diving on schools of bunker and as I glanced at the fish finder we were marking lots of bass. 

     Rich and I got the spoons out and on our second pass we had our first bass on.   The fish were mean today, smoking the drags and taking lots of line.  As I was reeling the other line in I was working the spoon trying to get another fish on.  Sure enough we got a double header on.  Rich was close so I put my rod in the holder and put the gaff to a beautiful 40 lb bass.  Rich was quick to jump on the other rod and finish that one off, weighing 38 lbs.   As we put the line back out I gave a call to Capt. Bob Pisano who was up on the Rocks who said it was slow and gave him the report .  In no time we were on again and Capt Pisano was on his way.  We kept another bass that was 26 lbs and released two more as it was time to get Rich back.  On the ride back we stopped on a massive school of bass exploding everywhere on bunkers.  We had enough time to try for a top water bite on a big surface popper.  The popper hit the water and immediately was piled on by a huge bass.  The hit was incredible and I wouldíve loved to have gotten him to the boat except we pulled the hook( what a surprise).  Was an awesome three hours of fishing.


June 6, 2010

 Back at it the next morning and why not go back to the same spot you left them biting.   Well at least thatís what I thought!  Conditions were very sloppy with a strong south to southwest wind blowing, made fishing quite tough.  We stuck it out for half the day getting three smoking hits only not to have a single fish stay on.  Talked to Capt. Mark who was fishing same area and he had the same exact problem.  Thank god thought it was just me, never seen so many hits in a season and not get the fish to stay hooked.  And yes Rudy says all the hooks were sharp.


June 5, 2010

     Headed down off Seaside Heights, in the area of Casino Pier to start the morning troll.  Despite the chilly and damp foggy morning the fish finder was showing signs of life, lots of bait and an occasional fish.  Well it took a few hours and a change of tide to get them snapping.  Rich and Laurie did battle with five bass weighing 30,31,36,38,and 42 pounds.   Well the sun finally came out and we didnít lose a single fish.


May 30, 2010 

Oh yeah a wonderful Sunday morning with a gazillion boats out joy joy, I know what am I complaining about.  Anyway we had Rich out for some bass fishing off Mantoloking.   Fishing wasnít too bad, our only problem was trying to keep them on the line.  We ended up going 1 for 5 trolling spoons.  The bass weighed in at a respectful 35 lbs. 


May 28, 2010

     Finally after a long snowy winter we got the grand master big boy himself out, yes Mr. RK.  Made a run up off Bradley Beach and put the spoons out for a couple of hours.  Fishing was a bit slow however we finally got some wire pulled off the reels.  First bass was a 32 lb fish followed by a couple losses.  We did get another one to stay on and that fish was of equal size to the last.   Rich had a few quests on the boat: Ben, Lucia, Nick Barbetta, and his girlfriend Ember.


May 23, 2010

     Snuck out on the Regulator for some late evening live lining action.   After throwing the net on a school of bunker off Sea Girt and loading the live well we didnít have to go far to find the bass.  The action was hot and heavy as we were practically hand feeding 20 Ė 30lb bass.  We made three drifts and used every piece of bait in the well.  Kept one fish and released over thirty five.  My brother Max and good friend Jimmy DeBonis were onboard.


May 19, 2010

     Both boats finally made their way into the water, after going under some cosmetic work and the usual  de-winterization phase. 


April 15, 2010

       My wife gave birth to a 7lb 10 ounce baby girl and yes she was a keeper, Riley Storm Berry.



     Yes hello everyone, the fishing reports are on the way.  I do apologize for such the delay, had some life altering events take place.  Hope everyone is well and enjoy the reports as  I bring you all up to date.



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